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How To Play Mario Kart and Other Love Games

(Michael Clifford imagine)


“Hey, have you seen Jack?” I ask his younger sister, (Y/N).

She’s alone in the living room, sitting on the settee whilst watching something on the telly. I get kind of nervous, just being in her presence, and barely dare to look directly at her.

“He just left. Went to run some errands, I think,” she looks at me with an apologetic smile.

“Do you know when he’ll be back? I need to talk to him.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

“I don’t know. But I’m sure he won’t be long. You can wait here if you want.”

Her smile grows bigger after her last sentence and my heart skips a beat.

“You sure?”

“Of course. And I get to beat your arse in Mario Kart.”

I chuckle.

“Oh, we’ll see about that.”

We start the game and begin to play. 

I met (Y/N) for the first time when Jack and Alex came to our show in Charlotte. They had brought several friends and family members, but (Y/N) was the one who instantly caught my eye. Not in the sense that she was incredibly beautiful – she only managed to stumble and fall over a cable as she came to say hello. It didn’t take long until we were deep in conversation and I found out we had more than a lot in common. From there we’ve just been talking and joking almost every single day, never running out of things to say or jokes to tell. Needless to say, I’ve developed a huge ass crush on her. And that would be fine unless she was Jack’s younger sister. Jack is my friend and you usually don’t go after your friend’s sisters. I’m terrified of what he’d say if he found out that I fancied his sister. So that’s why I now feel like I’m stuck. I have to keep my distance with (Y/N), without losing what we already have or make Jack suspicious.

“Looks like you lost, Clifford,” (Y/N) smirks when the results from our tournament are displayed on the screen.

“You totally cheated,” I say, sounding like a six year old.

“I didn’t have to cheat. You’re terrible at this game.”

 She meets my eyes and it’s like something clicks inside me. What the hell am I doing?

“I need to tell you something.”

The sudden seriousness in my voice makes her smile vanish.


My heart starts beating fast and I’m pretty sure that my legs wouldn’t hold me if tried to stand up. I decide to just go for it, not waste anymore time.

“I like you. Like, like-like you.”

She doesn’t say anything. I take it as she wants me to continue. Or that’s what I do anyway.

“I’ve had this huge crush on you for a while now but I was too chicken to tell you because, well, I didn’t know what Jack would think-“


Her words take me by such surprise I forgot everything I was about to say.


“You, too?”

“I… what?”

“Oh, my God. I was worried about Jack, too.”

Before I can reply she has pressed her lips against mine. It doesn’t take long for me to react and move my lips in sync with hers. Oh, my, is it a spectacular feeling! All the nights I’ve stayed awake, dreaming about this exact moment. How I’ve wondered what she’d feel like, taste like. And it’s so much better than I ever thought I’d be. It’s so overwhelming that I just want more and more. I slip my tongue between her lips and she’s quick to do the same. Her hands find my hair and mine the back of her neck. I gently pull her closer towards me, can’t have her close enough.

“What are you doing?”

The sound of Jack’s voice makes us pull apart faster than lightning. (Y/N) instantly faces the telly as I end up as far out on the settee as possible. I don’t dare looking at Jack, scared to death.

“Playing Mario Kart,” (Y/N) replies and I’m not sure what to do anymore.

“Interesting way to play Mario Kart.”

Both (Y/N) and I look up at him when we her how calm he sounds. His face has a lightly bothered expression, but he doesn’t seem angry. I’m beyond confused.


Jack chuckles. I’d imagine he’d chase me out of the town, not fucking chuckle.

“It’s not like I didn’t know it’d happen. I just wished I wouldn’t be there to see it.”

“Wait? You knew we’d-“

“Get together? Come on! Literally everyone but you could see it!” He quickly continues. “And yes, before you ask, I am fine with it. Just don’t shove it in my face. And I’m keeping and eye on you, Clifford.”

With one last glare at me he turns around and leaves. Leaving us both relieved and confused.


Tbh probably one of the best thing either of them has ever said and I’m crying

Impress Me

(Alex Gaskarth imagine)


“Hey, Alex? Are you coming to watch Brainstorm?”

I turn around to face Brian with a questioning look.

“Brian- what?”

“Brainstorm. The band I told you about earlier? They’re playing Warheads stage in, like, five minutes.”

Brian did talk highly of them and since I had nothing else to do I nodded. We walked towards the back of the stage as Brian kept rambling about the band.

“Seriously, their sound is sick! You’ll love it! And I think you’ll like their lead singer, too.”

I chuckle at his last comment. But he made me quite curious about what I’m about to see.

“As much as you’re talking about them, they must be fucking fantastic,” I smile.

He doesn’t seem to notice my undertone of sarcasm, or he just ignores it.

“They’re super cool people, too. I’ll introduce you afterwards.”

“If you say so.”

When we reach the side of the stage and stand to watch, Brainstorm has already begun their set. The band consists of two guitarists, one bassist, one drummer, and one lead singer. I instantly understand why Brian was talking so much about them. They had a certain vibe around them that made me wish I were standing in the mosh-pits instead. The song they’re playing is super up beat, powerful, and very ‘in your face’ like. I can’t help but love it, and I forget everything else for the rest of the concert. Brainstorm continues to play fast song after fast song, barely pausing between them. What impresses me the most is the lead singer. She jumps, runs across the stage, and delivers all the lyrics with more power than I’d manage during an entire tour. And she doesn’t seem to be tired at all! It’s like she has infinite energy. I have to meet her.

When the last song is sung and the band has walked off stage we go to find them. It’s not that hard as we almost run into them backstage. Brian instantly walks up to the lead singer and hugs her. I suddenly feel a little nervous. Perhaps it’s because she is covered in tattoos, or has a lot of piercings, that makes her look quite tough. And even though some of the nicest people I know have more tattoos than her; I still worry that she might find me uninteresting – something that’s never bothered me before.

“Oh, (Y/N) – this is Alex. Alex – (Y/N),” Brian introduces us, pointing from me to her and back again.

I reach a hand out and give her a small smile. She takes my hand and shakes it firmly, which only makes me like her more.

“Nice to finally meet you, Alex! I’ve always loved your music,” she smiles and I have to bite my tongue not to raise my eyebrows in surprise.

I’ve heard it before, but didn’t think I’d hear it from her.

“Uh, um, well, thank you. I really like you, too. I mean, not you, your music. Well, I liked you, too, but, you know, on stage.”

I mentally face palm myself. Smooth, Alex. What the fuck are you doing?

But (Y/N) only chuckles.

“Thank you. That’s very, um, sweet of you.”

I think she blushes, but I’m not entirely sure.

“Yeah, great set, (Y/N),” Brian suddenly butts in.

I had almost forgotten he was still there.

“Of course it was. Have we ever done a bad set?” she chuckles again. “No, but seriously, did you see those fucking mosh-pits? Holy shit! I don’t think we’ve ever had the crowd go that mental!”

We all laugh as (Y/N) begins to retell what she saw from the stage.

“And those girls who went entirely topless and threw her bra on stage! I thought we might go All Time Low there for a while…”

That reminded me of something.

“Fuck! I have to go on in twenty minutes!” I curse as I check the time. “Very nice to meet you, (Y/N), but I have to run.”

“Do you want to come to our bus tonight? We’re having a little party. Bring whoever you want.”

She gives me a quite nervous smile and I briefly wonder why before nodding.

“Absolutely. Bye!”

I turn and run towards the Kia Soul Stage, only having (Y/N) on my mind. There’s something about her that I can’t wrap my head around. She’s not like anyone else I’ve met, and it’s making my head spin.

When I tell Jack about her after the concert he seems beyond excited.

“Dude, you’re crushing on her!”

His smile is bright enough to light an entire state. He’s been complaining about my lack of dating during the entire tour. I’ve refused to listen every time.

“I’m not!” I say, maybe a little too quickly.

“There’s no denying it, Gaskarth. You’re like an open book.”

“What is he denying?” Zack suddenly appears on the bus.

“Alex has a crush!” Jack exclaims before I can even open my mouth.


Now Rian enters the bus as well. All three of them look at me with excited faces.

“I don’t have a crush! I just fucking met her!”

“But you like her,” Jack say matter-of-factly.

“Well, yes, but not like that.”

“You like her great boobs?”

“Wha-what? No! I like her as in I think she’s an interesting person! Just as I think Neil Armstrong is an interesting person.”

“I don’t understand,” Jack says. “Do you have a crush on Neil Armstrong, too?”

I sigh and roll my eyes as Jack grins at me.

“I’m just messing with you, man.”

He nudges my shoulder with his shoulder, making me smile a little.

“But interesting people are meant to go on dates with,” Rian butts in. “Although I don’t think you can take Neil on a date.”

I ask the guys to come with me, but Jack’s the only one who could come – the rest had plans. When we arrive we’re instantly greeted by (Y/N), who now has changed to more comfortable clothes.

“You came!”

She sounds both happy and a little bit surprised as she goes to hug me. I’m surprised that she went for the hug, but don’t complain. I quickly introduce her to Jack, who seems eager to leave us alone. And sure enough he manages to sneak away.

“Do you want a drink?” she asks me and I almost instantly answer yes.

She walks me over to the beers and opens one with her teeth before handing it to me. Once again she amazes me.

“It seems as you’ve been drinking before?” I say and take a sip.

She chuckles.

“I’ve never been into cocktails and fancy wine.”

Who is this girl?

“So how did you end up at Warped tour?”

She starts talking about her and the band’s journey and I sit and listen, asking some side questions. Then it’s my turn to talk and she listens. She seems really interested in what I have to say and only interrupts to ask me more about something. We start a real conversation, discuss things, and I completely lose myself in it. We don’t agree on everything, in fact, we seem to disagree more than we agree. But it’s still so much fun. Perhaps it’s because she’s so sarcastic and I’m so cynical that we yet manage to get along so well. There’s just something special about her that I can’t put my finger on. Not that kind of special that makes you fall head over heels for someone. She’s still a bit too loud at times and seems to take some things for granted. But I do find her interesting.

“Alex! Have you run out of things to talk about yet? We have bus call in three minutes!” Jack yells all of a sudden.

I check the time and sure enough, it’s three minutes to midnight.

“I guess we’ll have to say goodnight then.

She lingers on the words, like she wants to say something more. That’s when I decide to follow Rian’s advice.

“Hey, (Y/N), just wondering. Would you like to, um, go out sometime? As a date?”

I nervously rub the back of my neck. It’s been a while since I asked someone out, and it all is happening quite quickly.


She gives me a small smile.

“I mean, nothing mayor. We’ve only just met, but you seem like a cool girl,” I smile, trying my best to not sound like a douche. But she only smiles wider.

“You seem like a cool boy, too.”

And with that we part ways – she going on the bus, and me walking back to our bus with Jack singing ‘I knew it’ over and over. 


idobi radio is my favorite thing ever

hey guys. i just want to say that since i’m now doing last year of college i don’t have as much time as i wished. i’m doing the best i can but i can’t write imagines everyday. therefore they might take a little while. i’m still taking requests though! and i will do everything on my list. i’m sorry that it taking so much time, but i do want to graduate. hope you’re all okay with this. xx

Good Morning

(Alex Gaskarth imagine)

In which (Y/N) gets an unusual awakening.

You wake up by having the sun in your face. It colours the inside of your eyelids a warm orange. It’s always a funny feeling to be woken up by the sun. Even though it’s kind of annoying, and you’d rather sleep for another hour, the sun is a promise of a good day. At least when it comes to the weather, but when the sun is out everything is a bit more bearable. However your head doesn’t seem willing to give you a good day. The headache you’re experiencing makes you wander if someone has drilled a whole in your head. Lying down like this is okay, but you don’t even want to think about what’d happen if you move. What have I done to deserve this?


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Hiii! I'm new on this tumblr thing and just discover your blog. I fell in love with every single one but the one that touch my heart was "Bet on it" so, if it's not bother can you write a 3rd part? Maybe that they've been together and finally jack...

It’s definitely not a bother! I’m happy to do it, love. :)

All of them?? Like, everyone?? Oh, my… Thank you! A thousand times thank you! xx

OMG! I'm so sorry, i thought you were a girl. Sorry :) But still your writing is so FUCKING AWESOME

Haha I’m just messing with you, love. I’m a girl. ;)

And thank you so, so much. You have no idea how much that means to me. xx