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josh franceschi: a summary

Can you do one where you're Luke's twin sister and dating Mikey and used to self harm and you're on tour with them and get a lot of hate about being with Mikey and you relapse while the boys are at an after party then they find you later and fluff?

Sure thing :) x

Can you do one where the BMTH fans are making fun of y/n because she's dating Oli and Oli finds her on the floor one night crying with her wrists cut after he got home one night? He comforts her. Sorry if it's confusing!!!

It’s not confusing at all, love. I’ll do it as soon as I can! :) x

requests are open!

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Hold On Tight [Bet On It Part Three]

(Jack Barakat imagine)

[Part One][Part Two]



“We can’t go.”

“We’re going.”

“I am-.”

“We’re going.”

“But look-.”

“Jesus Christ, Jack! What are you so scared of?”

You turn your head to look at your boyfriend in the passenger seat. He’s looking really nervous and slightly panicked.

“Your mother,” he breathes out, looking down at his hands in his lap.

You can’t help but laugh a little.

“Really? You’ve already talked to her - remember?” you say, thinking of when he phoned your mother to be able to take you out.

It’s been a little over two months since your first date and needless to say there were many more dates that followed. You started to like Jack more and more and when he asked you to be his girlfriend you weren’t late to say yes. Now, when Warped Tour is over and you’ve been dating for a while, you agreed to introduce each other to your parents. Inviting Jack to your mother’s house was first on the list, which is where you’re now heading.

“But that was different! Now will she able to see me when I talk to her! It’s terrifying.”

You just roll your eyes at him. Sweet Jesus.

“She’s not terrifying. Unless you say something offensive.”

Your words don’t really seem to make him relax, but he doesn’t say anything for the rest of the trip.


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(Oli Sykes imagine)


“You’ve got sauce leaking from the corner of your mouth, babe,” you giggle. “Let me get it off for you.”

You lean in and kiss the corner of your boyfriend’s mouth, taking the sauce away.

“Cheers,” Oli smiles before giving you a peck on your lips.

“You guys are so cute. It makes me sick,” Matt rolls his eyes at you two sitting on the settee, you in Oli’s lap.

“You’re just jealous, Nicholls,” you reply, not taking your eyes off of Oli’s.

You’re all hanging out backstage, waiting for it to be show time. This is the first time since first meeting Oli that you’re able to go on a whole tour with the band, and this far it’s going great. Every day is better than the previous. And having Oli with you around the clock didn’t exactly make things worse.


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Take A Chance On Me

(Tyler Carter imagine)


Author’s note: I’m sorry that this didn’t end in smut, but it didn’t feel right. Send me a message though and I’ll do a part two with the smut.

Halfway through the European leg of the tour and everything was going great. Your band had been asked to be the opening act for Issues and needless to say you weren’t late to say yes. The tour had been a lot more than you expected. You all got along so well and every day felt like a party. But there was one person you had gotten a bit closer to than the rest of the band members. Tyler and you had instantly found each other, seeing as you pretty much shared the same humour. It started of with you pulling pranks on each other, then on everyone else, and now you’re always seen together. You really like each other – perhaps a bit more than friends.

“Oh, come on! It can’t be that bad!”

Tyler follows you from the kitchen of the bus, to the common room in the back – you trying to escape his questions.

“Yes it is!”

You try to sound serious, but it’s quite of a task when he’s around.

“Please, tell me.”

“I’m not telling you one of my most embarrassing moments!”

You sit down on the settee next to Philip who’s playing video games. He just rolls his eyes at you, having seen similar things before. Tyler sits down next to you. He pouts as he looks into your eyes.


You sigh.

“I hate you.”

He instantly lights up, giving you a smile you can’t help but return.

“You know that’s far from the truth, love,” he smirks.

You try to ignore the fact that your heart skips a beat at his comment as you lean in to whisper in his ear.

“Oh, God. Yeah, that’s embarrassing as fuck,” Tyler chuckles when you lean back again.

“Can’t believe I told you that.”

“Me neither.”

“Time to hit the town! Everyone coming?”

Josh’s voice suddenly echoes through the bus.

You had completely forgotten that the whole crew had planned on spending the day off at a bar. When they first talked about it you had been game, but now you just wanted to sit and watch TV.

“I’m staying here. Not feeling it.”

“You sure?” Philip pauses the game to look at you. “You wanted to just this morning.”

“Yeah, spending the day off doing nothing sounds good after all these shows.”

“I’ll stay here, too.”

“Well you’re no fun.”

And with that the guys all disappear through the door, leaving you alone.

For a moment none of you say anything. You just stare at the show that’s now playing on the telly. It’s not an awkward silence, but you can feel that there is something to come.

“Can I ask you something?” Tyler breaks the silence.

He looks at you, but you don’t meet his gaze. Instead you close your eyes, already knowing what he’s going to say.

“No,” you breathe.

“It’s not what you think.”

For the past three days Tyler has, at least three times a day, asked you out. And each and every time you had turned him down. Moments later you had returned to flirting with one another. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him back – quite the opposite actually. If things were different you’d said yes the first time he asked. But as it is now, you just couldn’t bring yourself to say yes. Instead you kept on flirting and turning him down – sending mixed signals to say the least.

“What is it then?”

You’re still not taking you eyes off of the telly.

“Why won’t you go out with me?” Before you can open your mouth he quickly continues. “I mean, I wouldn’t think you own me anything or something like that. It’s just that you keep on flirting with me, but as soon as I ask you out it’s like you raise this big wall around you. I just can’t get the hang of it. What are you so afraid of?”

His question catches you off guard and you freeze in your seat. What the fuck do I tell him? The answer was so simple, yet so hard to put into words. You couldn’t even really figure it out yourself why you acted this way. On top of it all it made you feel like you were just being silly. That, if you told him about it, he’d just laugh at you.

“Hey, you can tell me.”

His voice is low and soothing, which makes you finally turn to face him. Next thing you know it you’ve broken down crying.

“Hey, hey, hey. It’s okay. Don’t cry.”

He wraps his arms around you as you burry your face into his shoulder.

“I’m just so scared to get hurt,” you mumble between tears. “Things haven’t been so great in the past and it has left me terrified of the future. As much as I want to do it I just can’t, I just can’t.”

The last words are barely audible as your cries get louder and louder.

For several minutes none of you say anything. Tyler just hugs you tightly as you cry your eyes out. You can’t imagine what will happen after this. He’ll probably think I’m a freak. He’ll get scared and never talk to me again. I never should’ve told him. Eventually there aren’t any tears left and you just quietly sob into his shirt.

“I know that I can’t really talk you into trusting me. But I hope that, if you just give me a tiny chance, I can show you that I would never, never, doing anything to hurt you on purpose. You’re such an amazing person and whoever has hurt you in the past is a fucking arse. Please, just give me one chance? And if I screw up you’re welcome to kick me in the balls.”

You chuckle at his last sentence as you go to sit up straight again, meeting his eyes. He’s got an anxious expression plastered across his face. Not that you entirely trust him, but you can’t help but nod.


His face lights up in a gigantic smile.

“You’ll go out with me?”

“Yes, Carter. I’ll go out with you.”

Can I please have a Luke holland imagine where you're the lead singer of a band on tour with TWA and Luke has a huge crush on you and then one night you call him your "big brother" but only because you feel like he doesn't like you like that and then he becomes distant because he's mad and then one night you confront him and he starts yelling at you and then just kisses you out of nowhere and maybe lead to smut?((:

Sure thing! :) x